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My 1990 Acura Integra GS is low on refrigerant, uses of course the R-12 type. I know it is low because it is blowing warm air and the compressor is not kicking on. I have one can of a "knock off" R-12 replacement type can of refrigerant I want to install in the A/C system. This "knock off" can is a replacement type and certified for R-12 cars and is USEPA certified. This refrigerant is a proprietary blended, ultra-efficient, hydrocarbon refrigerant and a direct replacement for HFC-134a and R-12 substitutes.

Question: If I install just this one can should it be ok (safe)? Yes, I know the fitting where it goes and just want to know if it will, or should not, destroy my compressor? I know my question is general but an honest answer would help.
And yes, with a closed system it probably has a leak somewhere but hopefully this will get me thru the summer.

Thoughts and comments welcome.
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