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1991 Honda Civic LX
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I am new to the Super Honda website. I am having a minor electrical problem with my 1991 Civic EF.
While trying to install a radio antenna with a fish tape I pulled a 12 gauge BLUE/YELLOW wire out of
the A pillar where the antenna mounts. I am pretty sure that is a switched ground wire and am not at
all sure as to where it was. During this failed install I also pulled the "spade" attached to the wire and
unplugged it from where ever it was plugged in. The other end was torn off from the rest of the wire.
The total length of the wire is about 15" long. At this point the right front passenger window is not working.
Because of this the battery is draining. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could point me in the
right direction or maybe a wiring diagram exists on Super Honda. Anything would help. THANK YOU!!
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