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Up for sale is my 1994 Integra GS-R. The car performs incredibly well. The suspension handles perfectly. This car is a dream autocross/solo car. It is green in color and has 159,000 miles. Here is the list of the mods:
  • Ground Control coil-overs with custom spring rate Eibach springs
  • Koni Sport "Yellow" adjustable shocks
  • OMP Racing steering wheel & hub
  • 15"x7" Rota Slipstream wheels (Spoon look-a-likes)
  • Falken Azenis 205/50R15
  • 1-piece DC Sports header
  • Custom rear sway bar
  • Fluidyne radiator
  • Free-flow catalytic converter
  • Taylor 10mm spark plug wires
  • Unorthodox Racing pulleys
  • New brake rotors
  • Hawk HP Plus brake pads
  • New timing belt and water pump
  • Weight reductions - interior stripped and A/C pulled out
Looking for a local buyer in New Jersey or tri-state area. If interested, e-mail [email protected] with an offer. I'm sad to see this go, as the car has given me good times, but I no longer have as much time to spend racing. My loss is your gain.


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Hey, good luck with the sale. I sold my '94 GSR same color as yours for $4500 with 132K miles. It had:

New timing belt & water pump
new rear control arms
new front sway bar and endlinks
new clutch
new spark plugs & wires
new alternator belt
valve adjustment
valve cover gasket & studs
slotted front rotors
brand new brakes
Piaa bulbs
wings west rs front lip
CD player
in mint I wish I could have got more for it, but needed to sell it fast.

What car are you going to be getting next? I still miss my GSR.

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Oh I see. Good luck with the sale though. with your price, it just seemed like I could have got a lot more for mine.
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