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There is the car I have for trade. Thats about all to the car, I never really got finished, but it is a great car and it still purrs when you start it up.

The Clutch and Powersteering were just replaced, and I have not driven it since.

NOW why do I want to trade this car? Well its my punnishment for getting two speeding tickets in this car. When is stupid because I am just going to build up any new car I can trade for...

Here's My Requirements for trade:

If its a Honda Civic, It must be an EX, with a VTEC engine, it must have a sun roof, and it must be an automatic transmission(I think one on the reason why I speed is the fact that I shift at higher RPMS?) Thats it. (Well other then the obivous like it has to run as well as the one I already have!) The Honda can be bone stock for all I care. I will work on any car I can trade for... However if the car is bone stock I would prefer something newer then the one I am trying to get rid off, but thats not a big deal.

Email me offers for faster results: [email protected]
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