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ShadyWang said:
1994 Prelude Vtec
5 spd.
Black Exterior, Black Interior

The car is really mint, just had car overhauled and repainted and fixed every bit of rust/dents/scratches. interior is mint. also has these aftermarket parts:

Aem Cold Air
Aem Pully
Manual Trans. Remote starter w/ keyless entry
Kenwood 1000W amp, Alpine Type R 12" Sub, Alpine Components all around
Kenwood MP3 Deck w/ Sirius Satt. Radio

Thats about it besides that its stock, in mint shape. I have not seen a 94 VTEC in better shape. It has had all regular service done from Honda Dealership, and i have all reciepts. Also, just had new rotors and pads put on all 4 corners, over $600. if your interested, email me at [email protected]. i have lots of pictures of the car, but cant seem to figure out how to upload them. sorry.

Thanks for looking!!


hey im interested in gettin that gen lude.....this is how u can upload....go to photo gallery near the top right part of the screen it say uplaod on it....then itll allow u to post i believe 5 pix at a time so browse and post....the rest self view ur pix uuploaded go to photoes agin n then in the left it says my gallery...k ur all set
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