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i baught this car about a year and a half ago with some dents and dings in it, the car had 92k on it, now it has 117k. oil changes done at 3000 miles. the paint is in good condition, there are small dings in it all around the car, not noticeable from 5+ feet away. the front left quarterpanel and door are dented, also cant be seen from far away, i managed to smooth it out as best i could having the tools i do. the window tint is in pretty rough shape and ive been wanting to get it removed but just never had the time.

going in the shop this week engine light came on a few days ago.

all maintenece done professionally, have some reciepts but not all.

idk.... the kbb is between 3400 and 4000, so lets say $3800 obo.
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