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I bought a 1997 Acura RL a few weeks ago. 2 days after i bought it, it would not start. The car turns over really good but will not start. I bought it from a single owner old man. I dont feel i got screwed over i just think i bought a lemon. Initially i think it was the fuel pump since i was getting spark to my engine.

I took it into a so-so shop because it was cheap. After 2 days of diagnosing they could not figure out what was wrong with it. They determined it was a electrical problem since the car was not getting fuel to the engine but the fuel pump and all fuel related parts were functioning. I had the main relay replaced at this shop and that didn't solve the problem.

I took it out of this shop and took it to one of the best mom and Pop shops in Sacramento. The owners have a lot of experience and are very fair. They spent 2 days and over 40 man hours diagnosing my car and could not figure out what was wrong with it.

They determined that every mechanical part of the car is functioning

The ignition system is fine
Fuel pump is good
fuel relay
fuel filter
ignition coils
battery is good
fuel lines

They named a lot of other stuff that i cant remember. The owner told me my car was a good exercise for his crew but at some point they had to cut their losses. I've brought a lot of my other cars there and im a long time customer. The owner charged me nothing since he couldnt figure out what was wrong with it.

His best guesses are there is either a malfunction or short with the computer system in the vehicle
There is a wire that is corroded that he can not see
Water got into the engine and damaged something they could not see.

His best advice was to find a certified Honda repair shop that has a factory scanner that could better see any errors codes that the vehicle might be having. If not he said i could take it to a dealership but that would cost me around double.

Any advice?

The car is a 1997 Acura RL 3.5 liter engine.
I live in Sacramento, CA
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