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I'm hooking up a ProStart ct3271 to a 97 Honda Civic Lx.
I'm following these instructions:
Vehicle wiring diagrams

I blew one of the 30A fuses on the 6 pin connector when connecting everything. I bought new fuses, made sure all the voltages are correct, tried again, and blew it again.

I think a few things may be related to my issue. First, there are two 12V feeds into the controller. I connected them both to the same 12V wire in the same location, see the two red wires going to the white wire in my picture. Second, I have only connected the six pin and 5 pin connectors as well as the radio transmitter. Should I connect everything? As a side note of this, I don't know how the hood switch works. Should it only have one wire leading to it (as mine does now)? How does it know that a connection is made/broken when the hood is opened/closed? Third, I looked at a few wiring diagrams and they disagree whether my car has a second ignition or second accesories wire. I tested its voltage on crank and it was zero so I assumed accesories. The 5th relay is connected to reflect this. Maybe this could somehow be giving me problems? Finally, when the fuses blow, everything is connected as I mentioned, and then I connect the battery. I'm not sure this is the correct way to do things a first time.

Sorry for the wall of text, any help is appreciated! Thanks ahead of time.

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