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1999 Miata Convertible, $5500

I've got a 1999 miata for sale. Its got a black on black on black, has a 5speed transmission and the clutch was replaced around 13k miles ago per the previous owner. Its got fairly high miles for the age (140k) but its all highway miles (PO was a lady who went to the hamptons a few times a week). The options include power steering, A/C, power windows, Nardi 3 spoke leather wrapped steering wheel (aka. touring package)

The engine pulls fine and has a smooth idle. While the car passed inspections (NY inspected through Jan 07), it occasionally throws a CE light but the car drives fine. (I haven't had time to figure out the problem, but ive ignored it since its only intermittent)

This car has been maintained pretty well and cosmetically the car is in good condition, typical for a car with this many highway miles. The only detractor is a slight tap on the rear quarter panel on the passenger side.

If you want more details or want to see the car, give me a holler. I'm asking $5500 for the car. I'm a bit negotiable on the price since the neighbors at the housing complex I live at is beginning to frown at the unplated car in front of my apt (you can still test drive the car though since I live in a private community) If you are interested,email me and we can discuss.

btw. I am selling the car because I actually appreciate the (some would say 'less refined') handling characteristics of the early miata's alittle more.. to that end, I'd also be willing to do a direct trade of this car for a 94-97 miata in decent condition and relatively low miles. Color doesn't matter.

Local sale only, the car is located on eastern long island (off exit 64 on LIE).

PM or email me for pics.
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