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Hey u guys its BangNazz again, I need ya'll help again. Ight let me kno if this the wrong stuff for my car, I was out buying parts as of:
Type R Cams
Titanium Retainers Solid Cylinder Sleeves
Hi-Boost Head Sleeves
JE Racing Pistons
Connecting Rods H-beam forged:megaz:

I spent $2,005 did I spend 2 much?

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Lets see:

-ITR cams/pair 450

-titanium retainers...Im guessin portflow tit. retainers 160

-JE pistons 500

-H-Beam Rods...400Bucks

-Godzilla Sleeves...900

Be it that your list is very broad...and different manufactures and places sell parts at different prices I can only give you a estimate. You didnt even say what brand they are:(

So there it is...BTW, some shops sell pistons and rods in a combo. I know you can get JE pistons w/ eagle rods for 800 bucks.
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