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2 sets of JDM headlights for sale!!!!!

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I have two, YES two sets of JDM headlights for sale.

-one set is chrmoe housing. Very nice and in 100% mint condition. Look perfect. (The ones on my car in the signature.)

-the other set is the black housing, and is in about 60%condition. There is a small chip on the front of them, and the back of the housing has a crack running in it. Its fixable though.

Let me hear some offers. I would like to get rid of these very very soon please!
[email protected]
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.....i am getting rid of them to make room for my me out.
Why do you need to get rid of them to get HID's?
I want the JDM OEM honda HIDs.
Would you just sell the driver side headlight of the black housing one..if so you got a sell right now
yo, how much bro!? Im interested :) is the housing clear by the way, or is it black? i live in california , 95822. so thats an idea of what shipping would be. let me know...thanx.
I have 2 sets actually, one chrome housing, one black housing. E-mail me at [email protected], and I can give you all the details and have pictures tomorrow. Its easier for me to communicate through e-mail.
Just FYI everyone. I took pictures of both sets of lights. I should have them loaded by about 5pm CST. If anyone is still interested shoot me an e-mail [email protected]. I will try to also get the pictures posted on the board.
[email protected]
OK FINALLY got some pictures loaded. I have more, e-mail me upon recquest. I didn't want to put them all on here, Just in case there are some 56k users etc....but here ya go...



[email protected] for more pictures.
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cool, anybody else need pictures of the lights???
Let me know soon.
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