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2000 Civic Si (Poor Man Type R) Help?

Hello, my name is Jonah and I have recently bought a 2000 SI with 75000 on the body with a b18c1 bottom and the stock b16 head. I will start out by saying I had never even driven a Honda before this (I had a Mustang) and it is a whole different animal but I like it and I'll keep it if I can get some better understanding on it. Whoever did the swap actually cobbled it a little bit but me and my friend (who is a Si nut) have fixed a lot of the issues already. However, there are lots of questions that I would like more input on. Like I said, I am extremely new to Honda but I have decided to give it a chance so be easy on me :) Thank in advance!

#1: In the first picture, I would like to know what the red circled object is and what the wires coming from it are suppose to do. The wire was cut in half, but we have since then put it back together. Also, the blue circled object. I believe it is the Vtec controller but exactly what does it do. The green clip is broken and will slide off if you pull it.

#2: In the second picture, I would like to know what the yellow circled sensor plug in is for. I believe it has a Skunk intake. Like I said, I am not used to Honda plus this is a swap so I am utterly confused. Any help would be appreciated.

#3: In the third picture, I would just like to know what the pink circled thing is coming out of the throttle body. It was just open when I got the car and did not seem to be pulling vacuum but we put a cap on it.

#4: I believe it has an EX computer, and I did not know until afterwards that somebody cut and re taped some wires back together. If you touch the wires the car will almost shut off. Should I get some heat-shrinking stuff and put all the wires back together right or what? I'm at a loss here because I didn't expect this to be a problem. I can go see exactly what computer it has tomorrow but any advice on computers, fixing the wiring harness, tuning, etc would be great :)

#5. Rarely I have had it not let the VTEC kick in in any gear. Could this be because of the cobbled computer I mentioned or is there a sensor or something that could do this.

#5. The car idles high until I come to a complete stop. Is this a common problem on Poor-man Type R swaps? Also, at 70 my rpms are at about 4000. My buddy with his b16 Si said his are lower so is this normal on a Poor-Man type R?


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