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So I have a 2000 CRV AWD that isn't quite baffling me at the moment but I wouldn't mind a little more insight from people that may have experienced this before.

So a little back history on the work that has been done to this damn thing thus far. It all started when I got tired of refilling the coolant on my wife's CRV and changed the water pump. the install was smooth and I double checked every connection and was very meticulous to not allow the timing to slip while messing with the belt...and yes I was at TDC. I also decided it was due for a total tune up and replaced plug, wires, dis cap, rotor, fuel filter and air filter. I found the stock air box was completely rotted out (it's a hand me down) when going to replace the filter so I just tossed a stupid little short ram on it to save the headache of finding a replacement box. After I got it running, it decided to die on me and I found the dis coil decided to go out on me so replaced it. I looked down when I dropped a tool and saw a tiny puddle of coolant under the radiator, so I investigated, needed it has a new one...

Along with all this, coolant system flush, 3x transmission change with that shit Honda requires, changed the thermostat...and do I really have to say new valve cover gasket, grommets, and tube seals...oh and that pesky little semi circle cam cap plug thing...yeah it's changed too...along with new belts an oil change...two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree...

It ran fine but I started to smell something weird when I walked past the exhaust. It was sorta sweet but not coolant sweet and there was no smoke. Now like I mentioned, I was having to put coolant in this thing about once a week when my wife told me it was starting to run hot so just for my comfort and maybe try to figure out this smell I did a compression test to just make sure I don't have a more serious issue and this is what I have:

Cyl1 - 175
Cyl2 - 180
Cyl3 - 175
Cyl4 - 180 (Do these numbers seem normal?)

Anyhow...that is the repairs thus far...when I took my plugs out to do the compression check I noticed they have a little white build up on them. I don't have any CEL and my reader doesn't show any codes stored.

I'm thinking it can be one of two things and would love a little feedback...maybe it is a O2 sensor or maybe...just timing might be off (I was very meticulous about it when changing the water pump)
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