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I have suspension parts that I need to get rid of. These are off a 2000 GSR and I can take pics upon request. I don't have prices listed here so you need to give me a REASONABLE offer and we should be able to work out a deal.

Things I have for sale are:

- complete lower beam with rear mount, lower arms, sway bar, rack and pinion mounted on it all ball joints included.

- left and right struts with forks.

- left and right knuckles with discs and upper control arms but no calipers

I'd like to sell the lower beam components all together if possible or everything all together if possible but I'm willing to part it out. Also I'd prefer to sell it local if possible but shipping is possible. I live in the southern california area near LA in the city of chatsworth/northridge. My email is [email protected] and my aim is seephorx if you use it. Again pics are available upon request. Thanks
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