I don't have the time to restore it to its full glory - the only thing needed is a touch up on the paint (touch up kit included), claybar, and that's about it. Original paint, all stock, manual transmission, clean title... runs well.

There is a small oil leakage but that is to be expected from a 23 year old car. Check engine light does come on, but it's probably o2 sensor which is cheap to replace. If you have an OBD scanner then you can see what the error code is before purchasing. But it's in awesome shape, it almost looks like it was stuck in a garage for decades. You have to see it in person.

I know from shopping for Preludes in the past myself that this is probably one of the last and best units in the market right now and this is not a lemon.

I get so many compliments a week on how clean it is (minus the scuff on passenger front bumper which happened 2 months ago and I was so mad at myself you have no idea).

Lastly, this is not American engine. This is JDM. It's not H22A1 A2 A3 A4 (which is American). This is H22A (no number means from Japan). Meaning... it's faster than H23. The car is not SH, SH is more heavier than the base. I may be open to negotiation but probably not as similar posts are listing the price upwards of 10K or more.

SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY PLEASE... I just want to get rid of this car and make sure whoever gets it understands how much of a special car/unicorn it is especially these days and takes really good care of it. It's basically the new S2K. Super hard to find, and most of them that you find are fixed up to the previous owner's liking. This is all stock meaning you can do whatever you want to it. As much as I want to get rid of the car, I am also wanting a fair price for it. The chassis is 240K, but the engine is probably at 90K miles... I received the car after the original owner did an engine swap. The chassis at the time was 166K I remember.