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2000 Mercedes E55 W210 for sale

73K miles

Asking $17,800


I know this is a mistake selling this car since it has been perfect with no problems ever. I think I want to get the W211 now and must part with this one.

Anyway this car is absolutely in perfect and super clean condition 100% stock with no issues and serviced at Mercedes dealer with all records. You can also take the vin # to any MBZ dealer and they will print a full report for you. I just did service B at 71K miles on 12/03/08 and the car is perfect appearance and mechanical with no dings scratches or anything with no accident history and new BFG tires. All records and maintanace are done at Mercedes dealership. When I was buying this car I saw around 10 cars and this was in showroom condition and since I have had it it has been enclosed in a garage at when not driving. I am in the Los Angeles area and can show the car either by meeting close to where I live or at my residence. PM me for vin # and any additional info you might need.

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