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2001 and Newer Accords

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My sister has a 2001 Accord with the V6 and all the bells and whistles! Last week she and I where out and something broke in the steering wheel. When I turned the car I could get "whatever" to fall into the small black housings for the cruise control. Well, she took it in to get serviced before she went out of town. She told them about it and they said they would look at it. When she went to get the car the guy told her that one of the nuts for the airbag was not tightened. Also that if she had been in a wreck her airbag would not have worked! Poor guy at the dealer felt like a butt! Just wanted to let you all know! Be careful!
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i dunt understand what your're tyring to say?:confused: :confused:
The cruise control button on the steering wheel fell off? You went to get it fixed? Airbag was not installed properly? Be careful?
haha lol he said the nut from the air bag fell into the housing of the cruise control buttons and if they where to get into a accident before the service she would of been SOL lol dont ask how i can understand him took hours to figure out down try it at home leave it to me the professionals haha

I was a little intoxicated when I wrote it! the nut that holds the air bag in fell off. It would then fall into the cruise control housing on the steering wheel. Better! Sorry Again!:cool:
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