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2001 coupe OEM underbody kit??

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i have been posting about if a 2000 underbody kit would fit..on a 2000 and got a definite answer of NO! so does anybody know when to 2001 accord coupe underbody spoiler kit will come out/???
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my guess is that they wont come out w/ a OEM underbody kit for the '01-'02. if they were going to, the would have released it already. the '01-'02 bumpers look good as it is.
or you could trade bumpers w/ some one who has a '98-' me.:D
yes, front lip , side skirt, and rear lip
Euro-R/Mugen style is coming soon for 01-02 coupe.
i bought my 00 in sept. of 00 the 01s were just coming out and i thank god every day i didnt buy one .
lol, hope you didn't regret when u see the new lip. It looks real nice....... for special reason, I am not allow to take some picture until full production.
hope to get it done before WingWest does hehe
IF the 2001 kit ever comes out, how much u think you could pick one up for...?????
should be a very reasonable price =)

they are made of plastic, same as factory kit material.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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