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2002 Saturn Sky Concept

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Remember this??? Well, GM is looking into developing this from a concept into reality for 2003/04 if market/public feedback is positive.

This concept vehicle features a supercharged 2.2-liter, four-cylinder engine, mated to a five-speed manual transmission, that generates 180 horsepower.

The headlights and taillights are powered by LED technology to give the Sky a distinctive lighting signature. The LED lamps are configured in cubes, and are smaller, lighter and require less voltage than conventional lamps.

Inside, Saturn designers continued with upswept character line on the steering wheel center and the door panels. The instrumentation is mounted in the center of the console, instead of the traditional location behind the steering column. This allows for a smaller steering wheel and new storage opportunities on top of the instrument panel.

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Damn... Saturns were starting to at least LOOK nicer, and then this... Horrible.

~Peace :eek:
180 hp saturn?! not gonna be intimidated by one of those
I wouldn't be intimidated by any saturn
shit i could care less if that had 230-400hp i wouldnt buy that piece of shit if it was the last car out there:p
DETROIT - Saturn Corp. is pushing the business case for the 2002 Sky sporty convertible concept, viewing it as a halo vehicle selling about 20,000 units annually.

"We've got our sleeves rolled up, trying to make the business case work for production," said Jill Lajdziak, vice president of Saturn sales, service and marketing.

The Sky appears to be a spinoff of the new Saturn Ion, which replaces the S-series small car. The Sky concept was built with features compatible with the Delta small-car architecture used in the Ion, a Saturn spokesperson said.

The Ion is assembled at Saturn's Spring Hill, Tenn., car plant. Saturn has started shipping Ions to dealerships and will begin marketing in January, Lajdziak said.

The Sky would be a step toward establishing a sportier, youth-oriented image for Saturn, a key goal in broadening the brand, she said.

General Motors initially showed the Sky to media at Pebble Beach, Calif., in August 2001. The concept made its public debut at the 2002 Detroit auto show.

The Sky represents an attempt to meld the styling of a roadster with the practicality of a small four-seater. It has two back seats that fit beneath a tonneau cover. The concept also has a multipiece removable roof.

The Sky has a supercharged 2.2-liter four-cylinder engine making 180 hp with a five-speed manual transmission. The Ion uses the same engine, although not supercharged. The concept also features a Saturn signature: a rear-access door on the driver's side similar to that in the Saturn S-series coupe.

Lajdziak said Saturn needs a glamour vehicle that will inject some sexiness into the brand.

"Do we need a halo product in our portfolio?" she said. "You bet."

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They're trying to do this sport compact thing right, and failing miserably at it.
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