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2002 Subaru Impreza WRX w/ mods

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Here is my baby in all her glory

Here is what I sit infront of everyday

Here is what I get to shift with. nice and crisp shifts.

It needs a bath:D
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I have done some minor work on the headlamps: put in blue xenon bulbs, amber led blinkers that appear white, and removed the orange screens from inside. those screens were hard to get out. I had to heat each lamp in the oven, pry the front off, remove the orange screen, and melt it back togeather back in the oven. I had a little condensation on the passenger side headlight after washes and rain but nothing a little silocone couldn't handle. I also have clear front sidemarkers. Going the whole blue/white theme.
I like the euro style headlamps but even the non HID lamps cost $900 for the pair. HID cost $1800. After I Fix up everything I want to at this point, I might add some nice headlamps. I dont like the morettes though.

If anyone has any thoughts on what I should do next, please post. I love getting input from other people on how I should dress up my car.:)
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Try and get sti things on it...:D
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its just so beautiful...

i am tearing up. I cant wait to get mine, should have it by spring break. gonna be fun. your car is gorgeous.:cool: hmm as far as input i like the cwest bodykit, the sti foglight covers are very nice, those projectors headlights(not the black housing ones) are also very sweet, in the long run i would say either blitz or xs engineering intercooler. my 2 cents on what could be done sweet car again:)
Get the Sti covers and everythinfg else Sti please!!!!:cool:
nice ride.. someday I will have one... someday...
Thanks for the replies guys! Im glad you honda people like my car. Ive always liked hondas and want my next car to be an S2000.

9000- I do like the sti suspention. The shocks and struts are great and do wonders for the car in handeling. the springs dont do much to lower the car so I would get some aftermarket springs If i get the package. it is very expensive. If i make enough this summer, the sti suspension may go on my car.

BiggieWolf- Thanks for the complement. The c west kit is bad ass too. post pics of yours when you get it. remember to baby it for the first 1000 miles (it is so hard to resist but in the long run, it will save you lots of problems.

Tx3- I like some stI stuff: the larger hood scoop, one pice front grill, headlights, and intereor upgrades. I dont think I would badge it as an STi unless I make it all sti (suspension, engen, tranny). its kind of like badging an integra GSR as a type R without the upgrades. I definitly like the sti stuff.:D

Thanks for the input! ill try to take some more pictures of it when I go to the track on friday. can't wait!;)
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I went and registerd at "there" and am glad to see a subaru forum there. Should I pm you or look for you in a specific forum? let me know.
I do have one picture of a subaru wrc that looks very low to the ground but it may bee the angle
here it is:
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:eek: what's that "TOMMI" word doing on that WRC?
nice WRX...

Tx3 said:
:eek: what's that "TOMMI" word doing on that WRC?
that would be Tommi Makinen =P
it's good that he's on Subie now...that sucks that Richard Burns left...booo hehe..

Oh WRXlr8 my friend's shop just got in a HUGE mofo order of body kits, etc... and my friend with a WRX just picked up his Cwest front lip, rear lip, and side skirts.

go to e-mail Shawn (owner) and tell him Alex sent ya....

i just picked up my Mugen Sideskirts =P
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Oh yeah!!! shiet! for Evo.
I like the subaru body pieces and the rear wing, but those all together is more than a pretty penny. I want the wrx that is in the commercials tearing shit up.
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