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I recently purchased a 2004 Honda Civic DX. The only thing that I really wanted to change after purchasing was placing power locks/windows into the thing. When I was shopping, getting these features and others would have resulted in me spending $2,000, plus tacking on a good 25,000 - 30,000 more miles onto the car.

I've looked online and saw some kits, but I'm a little hesitant to purchase without getting some advice here first. I appreciate any and all feedback, but my questions boil down to these two:

1.) Where can I purchase a good, complete power windows and power locks kit for my Civic?
2.) Since I'm not very adept at installing these kinds of things, where can I get these installed (dealership, audio shop, mechanic shop)?

Thanks in advance for the advice. I'm not looking at going all out on this car as it is my daily rider, but the power windows and locks addition would be great for my commute and long trips I take.
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