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2004 Mercury Cougar

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According a buddy of mine who has a cougar...

Yes, Mercury has stopped production on many of its production line including the Cougar. However, they have every intention of bringing it back. Due out in 2004, Mercury's gonna unveil a RWD Cougar with the same engine and body style as the Mustang but still having its "Cougarish" style. This new Cougar definitely looks like it will go on the production line unlike some of its fellow concept ideas which were axed such as the Cougar S which was to be a 248HP Cougar AWD and also the Eliminator which was to be a 304HP Supercharged 3.0
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pictures coming shortly....
Here's the S Concept car

Here's the Eliminator
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i dunno? I was never a big fan of the cougar or of Mercury in general. Nonetheless, it'll be interesting to see what mechanical components are offered on the new model. Still, I dont think Mercury stands a chance
Here's another concept car that according to my buddy, "this is NOT what it will look like.. this is simply what most of the NECO members are hoping for"

This is the MC2 Concept car, pretty nice 17" stock rims eh?

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NECO members want the car to look like the S Concept car not the MC2 concept

and the Cougar is just gonna have the same size/frame match to that of the mustang not the same body style
About time you said it right.. man.. talking through you is like that old kids game, whereyou sit in a circle and everyone messes up what you said.. Sheesh! :)

Plans for now:

Mercury will finish out the 2002 Model Year, taking not only orders to finish the year on standard package cars, but also on C2, ZN, and XR packages. It appears the 35th Anniversary has been cut from the lineup, and they will produce a normal production amount of un-ordered Cougars.

At the end of the 2002 year, Mustang was to take over the plant in which the Cougar is currently built in (Flat Rock, MI - Auto Alliance Group). I believe it may remain just for the Mazda 626 for now, and Cougar/Mustang may take over the production lines in 2004.

Mercury, IF THEY ADVERTISE, will have a good portion of the market. In 1999 they advertised, although not much in the US.. and it was one of the highest selling cars worldwide.. they stopped ad's hoping momentum would carry over..

It did not, sales dropped, advertising never picked back up, Special Editions, although nice packages at good prices, they failed..

... yeah.. that's about all I feel like typing for now. :)
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It seems everybody is ripping off the Audi TT styling!
danmakG60 said:
It seems everybody is ripping off the Audi TT styling!
I would agree with you..

Unfortunately the Concept MC2 and the production Cougar were designed in 96/97 and released in 98 for the Production year of 1999. The Cougar S Prototype models were all designed in 1998 and shown in 2000.

The Audi TT was designed in 99 and released in 2000.

Also note, the new Celica was redesigned and released in 2000 (1 year after the Cougar), as was the Eclipse.

The Cougar was the first to have that definate shape..

You wanna talk about ripping off.. tell Hyundai that Mercury, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Saturn, and many other car companies want their royalties from the design of the new Tiburon. :D
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