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I've got oxidation - primarily on the horizontal surfaces of my 2004 S2k (original owner; no accidents/OEM paint/ 2yo top). Has been parked outside too many days over the years. Plan to do some DIY paint correction during my Corona-cation. Couple questions:
Looks like the OEM New Formula Red on a 2004 S2k does NOT have a clear coat. Correct? Mobdro

Reco - best products for DIY paint correction? Used Griots BOSS Fast Correcting Cream with a Harbor Freight circular buffer on a very small test area. Looked great when I was done, but quickly oxidized again. Assume I need to get a sealant/top coat of some kind before working on the whole car.
WHAT PRODUCTS would the SubReddit recommend?
-Paint Correcting Cream (like the Griot's I have or something else)?
-Power Buffing pads?
- Buffing technique/videos - looked at this one from Dallas Paint Correction
-Sealing product/process? (I have the Griots BOSS Finishing Sealant; also have my normal shine products - Zaino All in one + Z5/Z6/Z8)
- Other tips, cautions/recommendations?
Want my baby to look as good cosmetically as she does mechanically.
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