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2005 rule changes announced

Date 2005-02-10

"WINS" Weight Highlights 2005 Trans-Am Rules Changes

INDIANAPOLIS (Feb. 10, 2005) -- The Weight Indexed Neutralization System (WINS) is among several rule changes being instituted for the 2005 Trans-Am racing season. Other changes include a modified ride-height rule, and rules designed to further enhance driver safety.

The goal of the WINS Weight program is to provide close competition at the head of the field. To that end, the system will assess a 25-pound weight handicap against the winning driver of each race this season. An additional 25 pounds will be added for a second victory. The first 25 pounds of WINS Weight will be removed if the car finishes outside of the top three in a subsequent race. If a driver finishes outside the top three following that race, the final 25 pounds will be removed. The maximum WINS Weight is 50 pounds. If a winning driver doesn't race in the next scheduled event following a victory, 50 pounds of WINS Weight will be assessed at the next event in which that driver races.

"The WINS Weight program is designed to equalize the top drivers and teams in the Trans-Am Series, with a final goal of a more competitive racing environment," said Trans-Am Executive Director John Clagett. "Our drivers, teams and, most of all, our fans will benefit from closer, more competitive racing action."

In order to further promote driver safety, the Series will require cars to have two master electrical cut-off switches this season--one inside the cockpit, and a second switch mounted on the driver side A-pillar. Taping of body latches will be strictly prohibited this season. The HANS device will continue to be mandatory for all Trans-Am drivers.

The Series has also modified its ride-height rule this season. The new rule stipulates that no part of the car, other than wheels and tires, may touch the ground when the tires on one side of the car are deflated. Previously, the rule specified all cars were required to meet a 2.5-inch minimum ride height.

All cars must also run identical wing mounting posts this season.

The Trans-Am Series features closed-fendered, production-based, V-8-powered sports cars, competing on permanent road courses, and temporary street and airport circuits throughout North America. The Trans-Am Series is America's oldest continuously running road racing series and celebrates its 40th consecutive year of competition in 2005.

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