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Anybody else watch the boardcast on Speed? It was a pretty exciting rallye w/ Marcus & Petter swapping the lead multiple times & current champ Loeb hanging in there until nearly the end. Too bad both Marcu & Sebastian both had probs otherwise it would have been exciting to see who would've come out on top.

2005 Uddeholm Swedish Rally Unofficial Overall Results : Results may be incomplete.

P. Driver Co-Driver Car# Make Model Variation Rego Time

1. P. Solberg P. Mills #5 Impreza (44S) WRC WRC [UNKNOWN] 2h 60m 52.1s

2. M. Märtin M. Park #8 307 WRC WRC [UNKNOWN] 3h 3m 3.2s

3. T. Gardemeister J. Honkanen #3 Focus RS WRC [UNKNOWN] 3h 4m 6.8s

4. H. Rovanperä R. Pietiläinen #9 Lancer WRC WRC [UNKNOWN] 3h 4m 18.5s

5. H. Solberg C. Menkerud #4 Focus RS WRC [UNKNOWN] 3h 4m 21.9s

6. D. Carlsson M. Andersson #19 307 WRC WRC [UNKNOWN] 3h 4m 34.6s

7. G. Galli G. d'Amore #10 Lancer WRC WRC [UNKNOWN] 3h 4m 56.1s

8. R. Kresta J. Tomanek #17 Focus RS WRC [UNKNOWN] 3h 5m 31.7s

13. S. Sarrazin D. Giraudet #6 Impreza (44S) WRC WRC [UNKNOWN] 3h 8m 53.1s

19. C. Atkinson G. McNeall #15 Impreza (44S) WRC WRC [UNKNOWN] 3h 17m 43.6s
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