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2007 Panoz DP01 chassis to be unvielded

Date 2006-07-12


INDIANAPOLIS (July 12, 2006) -- The chariot that will carry the gladiators of the Champ Car World Series to 2007 and beyond will be unveiled to the racing world in a glittering ceremony July 28 as part of the San Jose Grand Prix Presented by Taylor Woodrow.

The Panoz DP01 Champ Car will be the first American-built Champ Car to compete in the series since the 2000 season, having been constructed entirely at the Elan Motorsports facilities in Braselton, Georgia. The car, which will be the exclusive chassis to compete in the Champ Car World Series in 2007, will make its first appearance in public on July 28 and is tentatively scheduled for its first on-track test in the weeks following the ceremony.

"The entire development and construction process has been very exciting for us and we are eagerly anticipating the chance for the world to view the new Champ Car," said Champ Car President Steve Johnson. "The Panoz DP01 Champ Car represents a bright future for the Champ Car World Series and will be the foundation toward maintaining Champ Car's status as one of the world's great racing championships."

The Panoz DP01 Champ Car is designed to provide great racing for the fans, as well as affordability for teams. Cost containment on the car will not mean sacrificing performance or the latest technologies that has long been a hallmark of the Champ Car World Series. The car will feature cutting-edge technologies that will allow the series to maintain its standing as one of the most challenging anywhere in the world, with its drivers fighting for victories without the aid of traction control or other electronic driving aids. For example, the aerodynamics of the DP01 have been redistributed so that the majority of downforce is created by the underbody tunnels and not the wings. This creates less turbulence behind the race car, allowing for closer racing and more passing.

"There are few opportunities available these days for constructors to develop all-new race cars from a clean sheet of paper, using the very latest in development techniques and design tools," said Elan CEO David Bowes. "The DP01 is such a car. It will prove to be the benchmark design for many years to come."

The launch will take place Friday evening July 28 at the San Jose City Hall Rotunda Plaza, and will be available via a webcast on the official website of the Champ Car World Series, The public is welcome to purchase tickets to the gala event, with the evening's proceeds to be donated to the Canary Fund, The Official Social Cause of the Champ Car World Series. Ticket information is available at


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