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DETROIT -- Toyota Motor Corp. (TM) is calling back a limited number of its best-selling Camry sedans built in the 2007 model year in order to fix a glitch with the transmission on certain models.

The Japanese auto maker, known for its stellar quality reputation, launched the redesigned 2007 Camry in March. In a press release issued Tuesday, Toyota said six-cylinder models of the new car have the potential for the loss of second and sixth gear while being driven.

Buyers experiencing the problem are being encouraged to return the car to a Toyota dealership where it can be fixed.

Toyota said the condition is expected to affect about a half-percent of early Camry sales and the car will operate even if second and sixth gear is lost. The company said the condition usually manifests within the first 500 miles of operation and is caused by a fastener within the transmission becoming loose. Toyota has changed its production process on the Camry to ensure the problem doesn't persist in forthcoming models.

0.5% recalls...that's about 160 camry. At least Toyota is quick on their feet to recall. Even if it's a small amount of defects, they treat 100 recalls as if it was 100000000.

Kind of wish Honda did the same with the acura tl, accord, etc that uses the infamous auto-tranny. :bash
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