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Civic sensibilities - Honda’s people’s car gets massaged for ‘09

I don’t know about you, but I think we live
in the age of the compact car.

Sure, SUVs and trucks clutter the roads in America, but in most of the world, personal transportation doesn’t get much larger than, say, the size of a Honda Accord. In fact, in much of the developing world personal transportation equates to a moped and a few gallons of two-stroke fuel. Though laughed at during the 70s when introduced, the Honda Civic steadily evolved into what you see here: maximum space, style, and comfort — all contained in less than 15 ft.

Oh, and let’s not forget that in May 2008, the Civic unseated the Ford F-150 as the best-selling vehicle in America — a title the Ford held since 1991.

For 2009, the ever-popular Civic Sedan gets refreshed front and rear, slightly sharpening its (relatively) outlandish looks. Well, when they sell over 350,000 per year here in the U.S., even the most progressive design looks normal very quickly.


That sentiment is mostly due to the car’s unconventional dashboard layout: a central rev counter sits in front of the driver, but at the base of the windshield sits the speedometer and a few other readouts. Why? The theory goes that the less time it takes to glance off of the road, the better — and if the speedometer is just “below” what you see, your eyes should stay glued on what’s important, and for longer.

Though strange at first, it’s easily one of the best aspects of the car (and so good, Mazda has copied the design for the 2009 Mazda3.)

More: 2009 Honda Civic Sedan Review on


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