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Honda’s Yaris fighter takes a different approach

Small and cheap. Cheap and small. Two words that, on the surface, sound synonymous. After all, you buy most food by the pound. Larger houses cost more than small ones. A long flight costs more than a short one. “Small” being weight, size, or distance we naturally equate to being less expensive.
1. The Fit comes with a 117hp 1.5-liter four-cylinder i-VTEC engine.
2. Standard safety features include front, side and curtain airbags with stability control optional.
3. Manual transmission models get 27/33 mpg (city/highway) with the automatic rating at 28/35 mpg.
4. The Fit Sport includes upgrades such as a body kit and spoiler, 16-inch wheels, fog lights, a chrome exhaust pipe, cruise control, a 160-watt sound system, remote entry and paddle shifters for the automatic transmission.
But what about the Vespa scooter? Or a Louis Vuitton handbag? Hell, if you bought Starbucks espresso shots by the gallon you’d be paying over $200 for the privilege. Some small things aren’t — and will never be — cheap.

Here comes the Honda Fit Sport to pick up that mantra. On the surface, you say “Yeah, it’s smaller than the Civic, has fewer horsepower, and costs less.” But it’s only a few cubic feet shy of Honda’s best-selling sedan, only has 23 horsepower less, and costs nearly the same for the base trim: $14,750 for the Fit, versus $15,505 for the Civic.


I’d be right there cheering you on, but for two words: Magic Seats. Usually “magic” anything means at best a few catchy commercials — and at worst, a bite wound from a white tiger. For the Fit, it means a second row that’s truly unique. Taking a (refined) leaf from the Honda Element handbook of interior design, the Fit sports a 60/40 split second row that both folds flat and up. Just not at the same time.

Flat-folding seats are nothing new, but in a small car having the ability to fold the bottom cushions up leaves a nice space behind the driver for a mountain bike. Or a few boxes of Ikea flat-packed furniture. It allows you to place potted plants on the floor of the car, or prevent a wet dog from hopping onto the rear seats.

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