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Honda does utility, well, the Honda way

You may think the 2009 Honda Pilot looks strange because of its boxy looks. But when square things are good, they’re really good. Take, for instance, the instant joy a woman gets when opening a baby blue Tiffany & Co. jewelry box. Or that FedEx, a hugely successful company worldwide, earns its keep by dealing almost exclusively with boxes.

And although the Honda Pilot was never a jellybean-shaped SUV, the new clean sheet design surely owes more to origami than to papier-mâché. This, you’ll see, translates into more room inside and the room to implement some minivan-like tricks.


Once past the oblique dashboard that looks more like a granite rock face than a dashboard, you’re treated to buttons surrounded by light blue plastic — a treatment that looked to me like a waterfall. You won’t have to worry about drowning from water though; instead, you might drown in a sea of complexity as the sheer number of buttons, switches, and toggles is mesmerizing and daunting. The centre console has a wonderful minivan-esque trick, though: it can slide forward to reveal a plastic cavern in between the front seats, perfect for storing purses.

In fact, there are more cubbyholes in the Pilot than in a pirate ship. I counted.

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