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Contact: [email protected] or PM ( if emailing be sure to include item in subject and forum name )

Price $700: Includes shipping/handling, paypal fee, confirmation tracking and insurance. (shipping will be more to places outside of the US and tracking is not available)

Time: 4 to 14 days USPS priority Express shipping is available but will cost a bit more.

I had these sitting around was going to use for daily cruizer... all issues are documented clearly in pictures and price is adjusted. No curbing at all!! all issues are light oxidation from sitting outside. One of the rear wheels recently got some over spray on it from a project. I don't have time to remove and fix the wheels... easy fix with some paint thinner and polish.

This are 2pc and none of the torx bolts are corroded.

wheel 1 ( Front )

wheel 2 ( Front )

wheel 3 ( Rear )

wheel 4 ( Rear )

Thanks Donnie
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