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3 wire iac to a 2 wire iac

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i have a dx civic with a d16 turbo i am having idle issues with the car and i know that its the iacv. the reason this is happenning because i am running a obd1 chipped computer i need some info on how i can change this 3 wire iacv to a 2 wire iacv so my problem can go away. any help would be apreciated thanks.
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I know on the 3 wire, you can cut off the orange one, and you need to wire the similar colors together. You also need to switch a wire pinout on teh ecu, but I forget exactly which one. Google 3 wire iac to 2 wire iac, like a normal person
i did this conversion on my 02 accord.

however, i dont recommend goin thru the trouble of having to get an adapter plate for your current intake manifold.

what i did, was after failing with the adapter plate, i picked up an obd1 f22 manifold, eventually replacing it with the obd1 h23 one. now for the accord, the iacv is a certain patter, so i dont know the compatability between obd2/1 civic ones, but i can only assume they could possibly be the same unit.

here are two pics i found in my car stuff folder, that may or may not help you. i need to search for where i have written down the actual wires that you need going to the ECU, but im pretty sure its a simple thing to work out if you grab a haynes manual. forgive me anyone who may own these images, as i have no idea where or when i got them from...

hope this helps you out some.

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retro shark thanks for the info but i really dont want to change my intake manifold if i dont have to.(Mattliston) i did google this and i didnt get anything thats why i posted this. and what u are saying to do i dont think that will fly. i have a dx wiring harnness and a dx iacv 3 wires with a computer that runs a 2 wire iacv. but if anyone has any other info i will apreciate it
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