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340$ for exhaust front pipe?

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is this reasonable?

my exhaust is straight up FUCKED because the roads around here are canyonized. Cole gave me an estimate of 340, 209 for front pipe, 130 for gaskets, parts, labor.

its disconnected at the front of the car, where the exhaust meets the block and whatnot.
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which part is the front pipe again??
is that the pipe from the cat converter to the muffler?
for 340 bucks you could get a new dc header. comes with gaskets and everything and its not to hard to put on. if u need a new cat get a high flow cat, that way you you be getting quality parts w/ some performance gains. other than that i cant think of what u mean by "exhaust front pipe"
that's way too much..... i got rear back Y pipe for like $100 or less.. but if you were have to redo the whole cat back....then it'll prob cost around .... $200 and the gasket doesn't cost that much....
o well i went stock. from my cat back i got a brand new stock b pipe (thats the second pipe) and then the new muffler stock. the b pipe cost 175 and the exaust was free. my resignator was really messed up so i went for another one...i didnt want to go after market because mine is a sleeper...haha. i say that may be a good price im not sure about 5th gens...yet why dont u do the labor urself it isnt that diffucult...
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