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well no help in exterior forum so...

now before you say anything this is just for: lip, side moldings, skirts, grill and front bumper. the estimator came out, looked at it and said 350-400. i was like wft! the front bumper had chips and everything else was unpainted raw. he said they had to use a "special" primer so the paint will stick onto the oem plastic.

they said they use paint thats better than DuPont. they also have a lot of mercedes, bwm and cadillac clients. when i was in the shop they had this escalade being painted candy red and look damn clean.

is this shop charging too much? i mean its the only good shop within a 50 mile radius of me. 2 other shops quoted me at 250-300 but they were small and didnt have anything to show for it.
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