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I was invited to a photoshop tournament on EPC and each pair of contestants got a car to chop and mine was this 350Z. I sorta rushed it so you'll notice a few "hicups" like in the front lower grill and the background above the car. But im not too worried about them.

I honestly dont know the skill level of the guy im up against so i'm just gonna stick with this. maybe tweak a few more things before i submit it. hopefully i'll win when the polls are posted. if i win then you'll see a few more chops from me in the next few weeks. I've also got a Civic Si concept project i was working on, so yea, i should have a few things out this month.

If there's anything that you seriously think i should fix then let me know.


- body kit (front is half c&p and half airbrush, side is airbrushed)
- upper grill
- hood scoop
- side scoop
- eyelids
- sectioned for a lower and wider look
- lowered roofline
- rims
- drop
- color change

KnightRyder 350Z:

the original wasnt the best quality so i had to spend a good deal of time bluring the paint to make it looks smoother.

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the body work was very nicely done...good incorporations and it looks pretty believable

however, the wheels do not look realistic at all...primarily because the rear wheel is angled in too much, and the front lip looks like it has depth than the rear lip

probably woulda looked a bit more realistic if you woulda added more light to the rims and a bit more contrast to match the scene

good job overall

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Rear rim has no depth, too flat, also i personally dont like em on that car and its styling

the left of the front bumper needs to be skewed down a lil bit, the perspecitve is too acute of an angle. :)

like flip said, body work is good

the eyelids look flat to me, lil too flat eventhough they are supposed to be...heh
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