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1991 Honda Prelude Si (2.1L B21A1-5 speed manual)
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hello honda community i really would appreciate some insight on this issue. I have a 1991 honda prelude si with a 2.1L B21A1 and manual transmission. The ecu is flashing code 7 for tps. i took the stock tps off by cutting channels into the 2 rivets. i ordered a tps from blox racing and noticed i had to swap the ground and power wires (green and yellow wires) at this point i also changed the actual connector because the wires were too short. with the new connector and TPS on it is reading 0.71v-1.00v at CLOSED throttle and 4.27v at OPEN throttle. i also noticed the voltages fluctuate very much but these numbers are the most consistent. i tested if the connector was getting a proper 5v and it was. i have no more room to turn the TPS to make the closed throttle voltage go down. i also tested two different brands of TPS and same issue. how can i fix this issue so i can properly calibrate my TPS? please and thank you any help is much appreciated. pictures are linked below 2FF76122-5475-4180-A2AE-53B3E7DD5C59.thumb.jpeg.2e2b2b3605917105f6d66c23d2348bbb.jpeg

^ tps off throttle body reads 0.71v to signal wire (middle red) when connected to connector


^ power wire gets proper voltage 5v


^ closed throttle tps hooked up to throttle body


^ open throttle tps hooked up to throttle body

i can’t turn the tps any further because it’s reached maximum adjust distance please help
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