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4-1 or 4-2-1?any regrets?

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Does anyone regret getting the 4-2-1 or the 4-1 header and why. I want to get a 4-1 dc ss for my gsr this weekend and i want to know if there are any down sides to it. and if i should consider the 4-2-1? thanx
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It depends on what you use the car for. Unless your going full out drag then I wouldn't recomned the 4-1. It's going to give you a slight advantage on the top end up but it'll hurt your midrange. The 4-2-1 is by far the most popular, becuase it's more versitile
ive never heard anything about a 4-1 header hurting you at all. Ive just heard that it isnt as good as a 4-2-1 on the bottom end. I hear that it is still better than stock so i dont see how that would be hurting you. Correct me if im wrong. later
Yeah I think your right...I was just thinking of bottom end being pretty much anything bellow 4grand or so. For around town driving the 4-2-1 should feel faster...
I researched the crap out of this before I got my 2nd header for my R.

I am very happy with my hybrid 4-2-1.

I hate my 4-1. I wonder why Honda threw it on there in the first place. :p I'll get my 4-2-1 soon. 4-1's offer a bit more power in the higher RPMs, 4-2-1's offer better power over more of the power range, making it better for daily drivers. Unless your car is usually just on the drag strip or you just plain don't care, I'd say get the 4-2-1.
Oops, I forgot to mention. Some of the 4-1's have clearance issues for lowered vehicles.
4-2-1 for better power low-mid-top, 4-1 for better power in high mid-top with a loss in low-mid.
i keep hearing that the jdm 4-1 headers are the best around right now.
v4lu3s said:
i keep hearing that the jdm 4-1 headers are the best around right now.
Depends on what you mean by "BEST!"

Heres a helpful link to a Dyno test done on a bunch of the leading headers on the market today.

The Great Header Test

Good luck,


PS I chose Spoon
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well it sure does seem that 4-1 headers are as good as or better than 4-2-1 if they are well designed.
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