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4dr exhaust

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does DC make an exhaust for the 96-98 LX? And what other brands are there that are decent for the 4dr?
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yes dc does and greddy does as well
what have you done with the lx? about any ex will fit but you have to dump the cat and go with an after market on any muffler shop will do the mods for you for fairly cheap.
i have a cf hood, and some 17" primax rims, which i wanna sell and get different ones. thats it so far cause i just got it a few weeks ago.
how much for the rims? any pics?
there are alot of mods for the ex that fit the 4dr lx
they are just advertised as ex stuff
Any exhaust made for a DX will bolt right up to the's the same thing.
I just bought a 96 ex sedan and plan to put the DC on it. I have the DC on my coupe and LOVE it.

(will put pics up of the new EKsedan later - bone stock) :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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