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4th Gen Body Kit Question

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I'm going through a fourth front bumper in the past 2 years (Chicago)..... and all I see out there from utherane is WW Big Mouth kit...... which looks too "smiley" to me (my opinion)....
So are there any other utherane kits for the 4th gen Ludes?
I'm just tired of cracking a front bumper all the time.... I even lifted the whole car to it's stock height but after the winter when the streets get holly after cold weather all the construction works start too..... and It's realy difficult to get around.....
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check out they have alot of kits for the 4gen lude..
If you want urethane, then juss get the Wings West RS kit. I too agree about the Big Mouth kit looking like azz.
go with the rs.. or did you check out kaminari???kinda expensive tho..
imp0rted1 said:
did you check out kaminari???kinda expensive tho..
Kaminari is fibreglass too, I say go with WW RS kit if you want urethane but don't want the big mouth
haha, i'm having the same problem, i'm shopping for a body kit but all of them are fiberglass, i want a urethane so badly. the Octane front bumper from VIS racing looks sweet but once a gain, fiberglass, but atleast its hand laid.
I am from North side........

Almost By Niles
the Kaminari kit looks the same as stock in the front except it has like a lip on the bottom of it. can u buy that lip part seperately and put it on a stock bumper?
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