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Hey guys, I joined this forum just a few days ago. I was parking my 96 Accord DX F22B2 and when I went to throw it into 1st to straighten her out, the shifter wouldn't move out of reverse! I ended up holding the clutch down and pushing the car safely alongside the curb.

After browsing the internet regarding the symptoms of my car (wasn't going into 1st,3rd, or 5th gear prior to this), I decided to head to the yard by Citifield tomorrow and pick up a new shifter, linkage, and cables. I have never worked on a car before this except for minor stuff like installing a short ram intake. However, I'm trying to save up for something better and don't wanna burn a hole in my pockets by getting it towed to a mechanic and paying him to do it. Is this something I can fix myself by jacking the car up and unplugging the previous cables along with removing the boot to install my new shifter?

Please help! :(
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