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5g Trans in CRX

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Will the SI trans froma 92-95 civic fit in a CRX?:confused:
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it will if oyu ocnvert to hydro. The 92+ Civics have a Hydro tranny and hte ones b4 are cable tranny. A CRX is cable s oyou'd have to get a cable to hydro conversion to do it. You're best off to get another cable Si tranny ('91 or older)...Godo Luck!!
the fact that its hydro has nothing to do with just does not bolt-in.... at all.
Yes and no....Yes, it'll bolt right up, as long as you're not trying to use a 88 flywheel (wrong # of teeth on splines)

No, the engine mounts will all be wrong...If someone does the 92-95 SOHC Vtec swap, they end up with the new motor with the old transmission bolted up to it because the tranny has 3 out of the four motor mounts on it...and the newer civics have different motor mounts (in fact, you even need ot take off the only engine mount from the old motor, and put it onto the new motor)

I wouldn't even try it.

Also check out:
i heard HAsport made a new cable to hydro mount you can mount a 92+ hydro tranny in a 88-91. Anyone heard about this?
I haven't heard about it but it would be nice. A hydro coversion is not really that hard a little work but very possiable. I would actualy like to do it just to have a newer tranny with more support behind it. I know there is a kit or two for teh 92-95 tranny that makes it stronger for different applications. The mouting is what is a bitch.
yeah...its hard to get a LSD for some of the jdm cable trannies. Not only that, but its harder to swap gears amung the trannies. Theres such a limited supply to tap into. The cable trannies...there's so many where you could pull a 1,2,3 from one car a 4th from another, a 5th from yet another, and get a final drive from yet ANOTHER different car. I wish i had the luxury
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