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hey everyone

i drive a 1992 civic si, with eibach pro-kit and tokico blues, so i have about a 1.5" drop all around. i roll on 16/40/205 rubber, and i need to get a new set of summer tires soon. my yoko h4's have finally worn out, and im looking hard at kumho's. i have heard that the 40 series kumho are a bit taller than other 40 series, so i was wondering...

i wouldnt mind filling a little more gap, i have about 2 fingers all around, would the slightly larger 40 series kumho's eliminate a bit more? or should i go with 45's? or would that look ghetto? i love my drop, it looks nice, and the spring/strut combo is soooo sweet for me, for performance driving in the summer. i dont wanna have like.. a one finger gap with my car still sitting high off the road. does this make sense? should i get a new set of 40's or go with the 45's?

right now, i think ill just drink my 40 of st. ides and shut up... lol

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