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ahhhh!!! i have a ding on my hood. it's a size of a football, so i am assuming it's one of the phockers around my townhouse complex throwin balls around. god!!!!! only if i can find who did it!!!!!

it looks very light.... i tried "punching" it from the bottom but it doesnt work.... is there a giant suction cup or something ? haha. or do i have to take it to "dent wizard". arghh!!!!! so pissed. wut can i do?

or, i can use this as an excuse for myself to buy a VIS vented CF hood i wanted!!! hehe. other than groupbuycenter...... where/who would you recomend for VIS CF hood? after my research, i've concluded that VIS makes best vented CF hoods.

in conclusion,
1. what can i do about my dent?
2. where to buy VIS vented CF hood?


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1. makin a claim for less than 100 dollar job seems.... pointless when my deductable is 250.

2. i want the vented style. yes, the oem looks dope but i want a lil spice to my car. my car is cleanly done. i just want one wild flavah to my car. hehe.

my exterior mods (just to explain that i am the "subtle" guy)
- Greddy Lip (backordered, but ordered)
- Oem Sides, rear
- Type-R wing
- JDM foggies, cleared out turn sigs, clear bumper light
- Lowered with AGX/Prokit
- 17'' RH EVO Z5000 w/ red calipers *killa look hehe.
- etc etc

so.... i'd say my car is pretty subtle.... no wild insects looking body kit and NO STICKERS!!!! well, i have "DOHC VTEC" from Civic Si on my lower part of the door which looks clean. dang, i wish ************.com's setup page is still up.

anyways.... where do i buy the VIS hood?
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