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5th gen Lude Carbon Engine Hood

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anyone got a carbon engine hood on 5th lude?
mind to post some pics to share with us~??

and where to order it? online?
and how much?

I found the factory in Taiwan which makes it ...
the factory is asking USD$343 including tax but without installation

is it a good deal?

I guess I am gonna ask it if i can get the product for USD$230
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by the way..

it weights 15kg
Are you talking about a Carbon Fiber Hood? If you can get it there for $343 with tax, I think thats a good price. The hoods usually run $400-600USD depending on the quality.

And its not hard to install a hood. Just get a buddy to help you.
Check your PM

this is a vis hood, the fit and finish is great and it fite perfectly...
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I would get Vis or FI

Vis wraps them under the hood which is nice............its really a luck of the draw w/ these hoods though
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