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6gen Civic Shift Light Help??

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I installed my Vtec light (easy) but I am having a very hard time finding any info about installing an indash shift light. I have read the post from interget_rs1, but I must be a retard cause I didnt understand a thing about it. If anyone has detailed info (with pix) please post. Thnx!
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hey there, sorry if this is not concerning your topic, but for your vtec light,

where did you tap the vtec wire at? inside the engine bay? i dont kno which wire is the vtec one, there's too many wires


ps. is this right? all you did was ground the light and attach the positive wire to the vtec wire.
Best sight for Vtec light install. You are close. I just had to install a fuse on the positive line cause the light kept popping. So I ran it to the fuse panel with a little 5amp.



thanks for the reply man, those are great sites, i like the second one because it locates the vect wire for u.

i see you say your light keeps popping, did u use a 12v led? because i have a 12v led, and i thought it should be safe since the whole car is 12v, did u se a lower voltage led for the project? thanks
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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