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Hello ! First I want to say that I am completely new to hondas in general. Im trying to research and learn as much as I can. I have always been a nissan and domestic muscle car guy. After hearing how fun honda cars can be i decided to get one. Its a 2002 accord coupe with a h23a blue top and p2a8 manual swap. Ive only had it a month and it is already one of my favorite cars (after the 300zx of course lol) all jokes aside I have ran into a problem when I tried to replace the master and slave cylinder. I have spent 4 days trying to figure out this problem. I got the master and slave cylinder put in with no problems but when I try to put the clutch pedal back together it doesnt seem to engage correctly. When I took it off to change the master i noticed a lot of washers and nuts on the studs, I made sure to place them in the order I took them off. When I try to reassemble the clutch pedal not all of them fit. I checked the parts to make sure they are exactly the same and they were. Im not able to finish bleeding because the rod from the master doesnt engage all the way with the pedal on. When I take it off I can push it in with my hand and feel it engage. I have tried more washers, less washers, and adjusting the clutch but nothing seems to work. Any help would be appreciated. I will add pictures of what I'm dealing with asap. Thank you !
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