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Sorry this is so long, I just like to have everything stated so I don’t get asked a bunch of obvious questions.

so here goes

Occasionally, my car (87 2.0 si) wont rev over 3000 without seriously bogging down. The first time it did this, the car had been sitting for a few months, with about a quarter, or a half tank (I cant remember which)of gas in it. We got it driving, there was an alignment problem, nothing to do with the fuel or anything. Well I started driving it, and I got low on gas so I went and filled it all the way up, and I also put in the correct amount of sea foam. I’ve used sea foam on my jeep before and it worked fine. Then I was driving it down the road, doing the speed limit, then it got up to about 50, about 2500 it shakes like I’m stopping it without putting in the clutch. Well I slow down to about 25-30mph and it won’t go over that speed without bogging down and shaking. So I pull into a parking lot, pop the hood and look around for a bit. couldn’t figure anything out, everything was fine. It even revved in neutral up to redline perfectly. But it wouldn’t go over 30mph without bogging. So for the hell of it I took the pressure release screw out of the top of the fuel filter, and gas sprayed up about a foot. So I put the screw back in, and drove it, I could floor it and it ran perfectly. In every gear. So I assumed that some crap somehow got into the gas tank and clogged something and releasing the pressure suddenly like that, dislodged the clog. Then I got a new fuel filter, and it works sometimes, and sometimes it bogs down. The whole deal with removing the pressure release screw thing doesn’t really seem to be working effectively anymore.

What else should I look at?
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