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88 crx for sale!!!

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this for a friend of mines he got a 88 crx and he want to sell it.
its only drop and everything else is stock. he selling it for $2000. interested PM me or email me at [email protected].
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im looking for one, but ur a little far away.
haha, you mean very far away...
a little understatement, my bad. ha ha!!
how many miles are on the motor? is everything runnin okay....the car isnt smokin is it? all the maintenance is kept up with and stuff?
hey 00accord...i tried to send u pm bout those headlights but it says ur PM is full...i dun have ur clean out ur PMs and drop a message!
more about 88 crx dx

i'm not too sure about the mileage on the car but i will find out tomorrow. but the car has no paint it has been primered gray. the car is dropped. currently running on donuts. might has integra gsr rims not sure. the car is in good condition. there is no smokes and runs fast for stock. car is always getting asked what is under the hood. only other thing is that the car has del sol seats.. black bucket with red line down the middle. i am not too sure if he is selling it with a or without a system. it might be more. but i will find out more information.
hey bro hook it up with an email. [email protected] and give me some real details cause im in cali and lookin for one, also where at in cali?
hey i'm in LA looking for a rex.. what model is it? hit me up! [email protected]
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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