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88 suspention

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yo i got an 88 rex si and i got the control arms from a 90 si and the rear suspention from a 90 si also, im going to rebuild em with eurathane bushings and the works, my question is can i use my 88 rear lower control arm and keep passive 4wheel steering adn i wounder the rear contol arm takes the same eurathane bushings as the integra type r, because the 88 si takes the same rear struts, also will the 90 front suspention bolt up, any other prblem u guys see in the swap

thanks for any info

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im thinking u mean the trailing arm with the dics brakes right u can use ur stock control arm with it and reatain passive rear steering as for the itr bushing y not get em for ur car they have to make em i seen em somewhere i have the same suspension but the jdm crxs have teh same as us the us only has the crappy rear fork mounts
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