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88 to a 89...

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hi all,

simple question... is the 88 CRX Si motor(from Canada) the same as the 89 CRX Si motor (also from Canada)?

i'm thinking of replacing my 89 CRX Si motor with the 88 one....

and if it is the same, is it a simple bolt-in?...

or do i need to use certain 88 parts such as the drive axles and ECU?

thanks in advance.
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Check the block code. It should be below the distributor, on the block near the split between the tranny and block. It should say D16a6. If it's a D16a6 or the D15 (Hf & Dx-USA..don't know about canada), all still should be a bolt on affair. It's just that the 88's have have 21 splines on the tranny main shaft, but you don't have to worry cuz you're using the motor from the 88 and not the tranny.
One more thing. If you're putting 88 si on your 89 tranny, use your flywheel and clutch. I think the 89 trannies gots 20 splines on the main shaft like I said earlier (count them and make sure), if this is the case, The clutch on the 88 won't allow the 89 tranny to slide in. Just swap out the flywheel and the whole clutch set-up from your old 89 motor to the 88.
hey twofacedsir,

thanks for the reply...cheers!
Just to help re-affirm the answer they are totally the same engine but mind the flywheel/clutch combo mentioned above since 88 is a odd ball. Peace!
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